Chapter 15: Balancing Liberty and Security


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  -- Benjamin Franklin

If people know what "essential liberty" they have been guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they may value it more.   But how many people are familiar with the words of the Constitution?  

You can give them a chance to hear those words – here's how.  

1.  Either Play the audio file (at right) of the Constitution and Bill of Rights for friends and family, or download the podcast of the Bill of Rights onto your computer or MP3 player. 

2.  Either burn a disk or take the file on your MP3 player and see how many different kind of places you can persuade to play it.  Think creatively!  Try your local bookstore, cafe, supermarket or anywhere there a public address system.  How about trying to get it on a local radio station?  Or getting it played over the school public address system?  Upload it to your blog or website.  Play it for your friends.

3.  Let us know of your efforts.  Let us know where you have aired the Constitution in your community. This will put you in the running for special prizes to be awarded on Constitution Day 2007! 

To download a podcast of
the Bill of Rights, click here:


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